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  1. karen love says

    President Maynes,
    Attached you will find the three letters written to my daughter from a current missionary named Ben Galenzoski.  In these letters, you will find an entirely inappropriate relatioinship developing between Ben and my daughter, as you conceeded to in the phone call my wife Tracey and I had with you this afternoon.
    We are also aware that Elder Marks and Dan and Karen Love have been facilitating this relationship as we discussed with you earlier.
    We will await your return call with status.

  2. karen love says

    President Maynes,
    I found the attached in my daugher’s email – “G” refers to Galenzoski.  Although I am not fond of Karen Love at this point, she makes excellent points which I hope you iterate to your missionaries, the Bishop, and the Stake President regarding the reason missionaries are not supposed to engage in personal relationships with investigators — not only does it pull their focus from their mission, but it also serves to muddle the feelings the investigator may have regarding their budding testimony with their personal feelings for the person charged to bring that faith along.
    Also, I hope you recognize that Mr. Galenzoski was allowed to come back to Columbine Ward to perform Kristi’s baptism even though he had been transferred before she commited to her first Lesson and did not conduct any of them himself.  Shouldn’t someone have questioned why he was doing this?  Shouldn’t the Love’s have come forward to you or the Bishop with the concerns expressed in this email?  For “G” to attend the baptism would have been one thing, but for him to actually share that intimate experience by performing it …??  They haven’t been able to date, hug, or even be alone together, but these two young people managed to work the situation to share this event so intimately? 
    While I was trying have honest discussions with her regarding whether she was moving too fast in her decision to be baptised, he was telling her “how amazing it is going to be to see her dressed all in white – so clean and pure”.
    I hope you realize how hard it is for us to keep restrained in this matter

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