Make your pillows look like VERA WANG Pillows for $1.74!

A few months ago, I was feeling creative and WILD, and I had wanted to experiment with felt for quite some time. So, with a few sheets of felt in hand, I went to work. For your information, felt costs 29 cents a sheet(I got mine at Michael’s). $1.74 for 6 sheets (that’s how much I bought).

Get a pillow:

Start with a simple pillow. You may already have one that needs a little GLAM. I made mine with IKEA fabric. Plain. Old. Black and White. IKEA fabric.

Cut the felt:

I began cutting the felt into flowers….then I layered the pieces of felt on top of each other to create the dimension that I loved from a Vera Wang pillow that I saw at Kohl’s a while back.

Here they are:

Didn’t they turn out fabulous!?! Really, the pictures don’t do these pillows justice. Click on the images to enlarge so you can see the detail. Here’s a better picture of the flower.

Tack them in place:

I tacked them on with a thread and needle, and hot glued a pink jewel in the middle from my craft bin. Here they are in a teenage girl’s room that I designed.

Hope you like them! By the way…FELT comes in TONS of colors! :) Happy felt hunting.


Brooke is a mom of three who is obsessed with decorating and loves to teach others how to do it the THRIFTY way over at her site All Things Thrifty.

  • Nikki

    Gorgeous! I love that you used felt. And that bedroom is to-die-for. I bet she loves it!

  • Janelle

    Love it!!

  • Emily

    Wow! Those are so dang cute! I would never think to try that on my own, but then again that’s probably why I consider myself so non-creative. Love the idea!

  • Patty Ann

    Wow! You have talent! I can’t even keep their rooms clean, let alone cute!! I might try the pillows for my living room! That way, I can find them when I want to admire them. You did an amazing job!!

  • Heatherlyn

    Really cute idea. I love how the flowers are layered. It looks great!

  • christa elyce

    That’s so adorable and smart!