Relief Society Binder Etiquette

Once again, this Sunday the Relief Society Binder completely passed my by.

How it can bypass a whole row of women, is of great mystery to me, but I’ve decided to do something about it.

MMB-ers, I present to you: A How-To Pass the Binder Diagram.

(click to enlarge)

Feel free to print it out, and stick it in YOUR Relief Society binders. I made it letter size and everything.


  1. K_lewis5 says

    Love this!
    Any ideas on how to remind the Primary Presidency and the Relief Society Presidency that you and the Nursery Leader are still actually members of both auxiliaries, and are present in the building, every Sunday? :)

  2. Janelle says

    Unfortunately, not all Relief Society rooms are laid out the way yours is. The missionary meals coordinator in my ward has actually done this, though, and stuck it on the clipboard with the calendar.

  3. Janelle says

    And thank you for changing the commenting away from having to use full names that link directly to accounts! I feel comfortable commenting again.

  4. HJF says

    Best post ever!! I am always baffled at how the binder misses my row at least half of the Sundays. How is that possible? And, I loved the “being surprised” line. Fabulous!

  5. Jamie says

    I love this! I’ve always wondered how women as organized and competent as most LDS women are can be completely incapable of getting a clipboard or binder around a room in 50 minutes. This should become part of the official handbook!

  6. says

    Love it. I swear I only see the binder once a month.

    Also. I love that the binder is universal. How did every ward suddenly know to start passing a binder?

  7. says

    I’m in Primary and the RS passes around a binder in there for all the primary workers to look at and I can’t believe how slow some people are looking at it! You open it, sign the roll, and flip through to see if there is any info you need. It takes about 2 minutes, like you said, there are about 6 women as primary teachers in our junior primary, and still it doesn’t always get to me. Should only take about 15 minutes to pass around, I don’t get it.

  8. says

    This is just about the greatest thing I’ve ever seen. In one ward, they made three binders. Because one wasn’t confusing enough (not that a single binder ought to be confusing… but I don’t need to explain this to you, you recognized the needs for diagrams and commandments). Somehow, the same person would wind up with all three, and at least 4 women never saw any of them. I don’t understand it.

  9. Lynn says

    One other thought: take a binder to Primary, YW and Nursery. In Relief Society make announcements and put any handouts on a table near the door. Expect adults to be on time with a pen handy if they want to know what is going on. That way the passing of the binder doesn’t distract from Music or the Lesson.

  10. TheAtomicMom says

    Or you can suggest mulitple binders. Our RS does 4 because we meet in the chapel and there are 4 sections of seats.

  11. TheAtomicMom says

    Our RS has a binder for YW and one that goes down to primary (in the basement, truly the black hole of church..the basement, not the primary). We also have white boards with the announcments written on them in the YW room and the primary hallway. And if your ward is really savy, they might consider setting up an email list. We have one, works great.

  12. says

    A very much needed plan in our Relief Society. I am always confused about which way to send the binder and always oblivious from whence it came. Good thinking, now I will break another rule.

  13. Hillary says

    This is great! This definitely applies to treats as well, which someone always seems to set on a random chair before the rest of the group has had some.

  14. thedamselindisdress says

    I sent this to my RS and they thought it was a joke and sent me back an LOL. Sigh. We do the 3 clipboards thing, one for each mini-section. It DOES NOT WORK.

  15. Ashlie Swainston says

    I WISH the sisters in my ward knew how to use this type of Etiquette. They might get a present in their binder this Sunday…I also can’t believe how slow some are at passing it. Read the notes AFTER you take them out. Please? Thanks for this, it’s great!

  16. says

    As Prez of a multi-binder ‘society’ I thank you for this inspired diagram. It’s a gift. Cudos to the stealth sister in my ward who sniffed this little treasure out!!!

  17. Angie says

    The missing stop on this binder route map is the sister sitting at the piano during opening exercises, waiting for music time. Somehow the binder never makes it to her. (Speaking from experience!)

  18. juanita says

    One thing that happens to impact the ideal flow is when the binder is passed to those who arrive late for whatever reason. So someone kindly passes the binder to those sisters, which is great. But somehow there needs to be a way to get the binder “back on track”, another idea might be to have a final “pass” of the binder to catch those who missed the first pass of the binder.
    Anyway, thanks for this great post!

  19. says

    OK, I LOVE THIS! Its’ brilliant. Because I get that binder and there never seems to be any rhyme or reason where it has been or where it needs to go and we’re often ending up with it bypassing entire groups of people.

    Yet I never notice this issue when we are passing around let’s say… a tray of brownies!

  20. says

    I dunno, I think that sometimes Primary can feel like a black hole to those sisters who turned 18, got called into Primary, and are still there 35 years later! ;)

    I love our email list! Now, if we could just get sisters actually checking their email. (Really, this astounds me. How do you not check your email? The thought of NOT checking my email actually frightens me!)

  21. Lene says

    So freakin’ hilarious. It is pretty pathetic that a group of women can’t figure out how to pass a binder. And heaven help us all if there are 3 empty seats between sisters. That space might as well be labeled the DMZ.

  22. Sharlacarbine says

    Wow, that diagram took some time. lol We have a tiny RS, two binders, and I still don’t get it half the time. I guess because I’m the chorister…..

  23. JC says

    Another idea: assign one of the RS presidency to mention at the beginning and every 10 minutes in RS to pass the binder along so that it reaches every person, as well as having extra couriers/binders for delivery to YW (every class), Primary (every teacher) and NURSERY and MOTHER’S NURSING ROOM, as well as the obligatory “chatting just outside the RS room group.” Also, include the missionary dinner calendar within, as well as a pen attached by a tether (so it cannot be misplaced). Perhaps women who are not able to get the binder regularly after these changes are made should indicate that their husbands can sign, and then the binders can be taken to Priesthood opening exercises. I also very much agree with opening the binder for mothers with children, helping them with any information/flyers they need and possibly signing the roll for them.

    As for email, our ward used to have one for several groups (very useful for widely-spread Elder’s Quorum), but then our bishop stopped it due to Church official policy of needing to send all emails through the Church website. However, does not allow group emails, so the email abruptly stopped and the EQ (as well as other groups) do not really seem that coherent anymore, and less people attend activities.

  24. Christine says

    Just found Mormon Mommy blogs and what should my tired eyes behold….a solution to the BINDER problem. A real pet peeve of mine. It is so nice to know I am not the only person who feels this way. Thank-you for your post…it is heading to the leaders…..

  25. says

    As Prez of a multi-binder ‘society’ I thank you for this inspired diagram. It’s a gift. Cudos to the stealth sister in my ward who sniffed this little treasure out!!!

  26. Guest says

    Why can’t we just do away with the binder altogether? They did that in one ward I was in. It was nice. It just detracts from the lesson and everything anyway. I have to multi-task too much as it is to try to keep up with how to untangle the pen and where I need to pass it because I’ve been trying to pay attention to the lesson and haven’t been watching where the binder has gone.

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