Family History… Are You Doing It?

MMB was invited by Family Search to attend their annual genealogy conference, Roots Tech,  being held in Salt Lake City, Utah.  They brought us and several other bloggers in from around the world to attend this genealogy/tech conference and then to let our readers know all about the amazing new products available.There are bloggers here from Australia and Israel. Pretty cool, huh? 

The first thing that I have noticed is that people attending this conference are passionate about Family History for various different reasons. They are compelled to do it… They love the search for dates… They love record keeping… They love the stories.

That’s what intrigues me the most about family history– The stories. 

I have always felt really guilty about my lack of participation in genealogy. When my children sing that primary song “Family History, I am doing it, my Family History…” I often find myself hiding my head in shame… because I’m not doing it.

Everyone says there is a time and a season for Genealogy, and someone put it profoundly to me tonight: “Empty Nester’s are great at genealogy because they are worried that the stories and information will die when they die.”

However, he then said something else that rocked my world, and shed a whole new light on Family History. He stated that Mothers are the Transmitters and Makers of Family History– They are the ones that put the information out there for their children to gather by telling them stories.

Let me say that again: Mothers are the Transmitters and Makers of  Family History because they are telling stories to their children.

Think about that.

Every time you tell your children or grandchildren stories from your family or childhood, you are participating in Family History– transmitting it and passing it down to your family. “Turning the hearts of the children to their fathers” one story at a time.

We are doing our Family History by sharing the stories of our past. 

That put a whole new perspective on Family History for me.

I am doing my Family History every time I share a story with my children of my childhood. Or my Mother’s childhood. Or a story about my Grandmother. I am doing my genealogy by helping my children fall in love with the STORY. People don’t fall in love with a random birth or death date– they fall in love with a story which then compels them to search and find those dates.

Telling the stories of our past connects us to the future. We NEED to tell those stories to our children and grandchildren. We, as Mothers, have the power to compete with Disney, and iPods and Video games. We have the power to influence our children when we use the words “when I was your age…”

Nothing captivates a child or even a teenagers attention quicker than using those words. A spell is cast, and we have their attention to MAKE our Family History important to them. To teach our children and grandchildren why they are who they are. And that power is found in the Stories of our Family.

No one else can do it the way you do it, because no one else is supposed to. Stop feeling guilty and start doing your Family History… One Story At A Time.

We will be posting more from Roots Tech… so keep watching for more of our guilt free tactics to Family History.

No more guilt, ladies. We ARE doing our Family History every single time we tell our family members “When I was your age…”

Children are in the gathering mode when we tell them stories from our lives. They want to understand how they fit in, why they do the things they do, and how are they connected.  Stories teach them all of those things and so much more.


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