Julie B. Beck and Mormon Mommy Blogs

If you could ask Sister Julie B. Beck, the General Relief Society President,  any question what would it be?

Yes. I mean ANY question.

Such as:

  • Why do only men hold the priesthood? 
  • How do women really fit into the church? Do they have a place?
  • Why were Relief Society Meetings– formerly known as Enrichment– formerly known as Home, Family and Personal Enrichment–formerly known as Homemaking done away with? 
  • When is it OK to say NO? Is it ever?
  • What are we supposed to do with that new book they just put out? (Daughters in my kingdom)

Chew on that for a minute while we explain why we’re asking.

Several weeks ago Elisa was invited to attend –on behalf of Mormon Mommy Blogs — a meeting at church headquarters to discuss how The General Relief Society Presidency and Mormon Mommy Blogs could work more closely together– facilitating discussions between the two regarding what the real issues and concerns are that women are facing.

Yes. I was totally scared.

However, it was an incredible experience — spiritual even — and out of that brainstorming session Sister Beck suggested an idea that we think you all will LOVE.

We are asking YOU to tell us what the real issues and concerns are that you are facing and we will take them back to Sister Beck. We get to sit down with her for 90 minutes and talk– unscripted– about what YOU tell us you want us to ask her along with what YOU feel some of the real issues and concerns are that women are facing today. This will all be taped by The Mormon Channel and made avaliable for your viewing pleasure.

Pretty Amazing, right?

So. Back to our original question: If you could ask Sister Beck ANY question(s) what would it be? Tell us in the comments. If you want to be anonymous– that’s totally fine, too, just shoot us an email. We also want to know what the real issues and concerns are that women are facing today so we can take that back to discuss with her.

Ready. Set. Comment.

*EDIT January 9 2012: comments are now closed.

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  1. anonymous says

    I wholeheartedly second this comment (all of it)! I wanted to put in my own plug for #1. I too felt lost and alone when I tried to turn to church resources for guidance and would love to see more positive dialogue brought to the forefront about/by WOMEN who have been through this and had a positive outcome, as well as a more accessible female support base. Can we somehow publicly acknowledge that even if your husband struggles with this you can **still** have a well-rounded positive relationship? More: “you’re normal, capable people that can work together as mutual HUMAN BEINGS to deal with this just like any other crazy life event”?

  2. Royalbird says

    Huh?  This forum is starting to really scare me about how the women of the Church are.  What exactly does my personal experience with childbirth, which was wonderfully spiritual although it was in a hospital with an epidural all FIVE times, have to do with Church doctrine?

  3. Paul says

    Lisa, I hear you!  I really want to push my wife to be a better woman without pushing her.  She is capable of so much more, but let’s face it, I think she should be a better woman.  I can think of so many ways that she could and should improve, both in homemaking skills, as well as all the other things an ideal LDS wife and mother should be.  Please help me!
    Sounds pretty arrogant and condescending when it’s flipped the other way doesn’t it?

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