Free March Visiting Teaching Printable Handout

The March 2012 Visiting Teaching Message is pretty awesome. So awesome, that I actually just picked my favorite bits and pieces and turned them into an 8×10 printable PDF that is now hanging in my hall.

Oh yes, this download comes to you in an 8.5×11 digital PDF that you can print right at home, or send to your local print shop. Because we HEAR YOU READERS and your many issues with not knowing how to print our stuff. Thus we have made it exceedingly easy, and hithertofor promise to make your Visiting Teaching lives easier. 

  • Download the zipped file by clicking the pink “Click Here To Download” button
  • An automatic download of the PDF file to your computer will begin
  • Open the file using Adobe Reader, which is a FREE PDF file viewer that you can get here.
  • Select the pages you want to print
  • Get Visiting!
*IF YOU WOULD LIKE to download JUST the image files, and not the PDF, please click here. Thanks!

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