1. Shaylee Ann says

    I really don’t want to be a compulsive corrector, I just want to make sure the right people get the right credit. :) That quote wasn’t by President Uchtdorf, it was from a bumper sticker he saw a while ago. :)

  2. Danielle says

    I like it how is. I think we all take something different from each talk. This one by Pres. Uchtdorf was a favorite of mine. I took his talk to mean, don’t judge. You just don’t, plain and simple- no matter the sin. To me, the ‘because I sin differently’ was to put the ‘Don’t judge me’ part into a different light, in a very clever cute way. So I like the printable, it’s cute :)

  3. says

    I love this quote, It just really makes you stand back and think… we are all more alike then we like to admit. And what a great talk her is amazing.

    –heather anderson @

  4. AMH says

     I agree with Shaylee Ann and Janelle’s comments.    The thought did NOT originally come from Pres. Uchtdorf, and I don’t think his name should be on this. 

  5. Donna says

    I rather agree that this beautiful free printable appears to give full credit for the quote to President Uchtdorf.  I’m not sure he would want to take full credit for it, as he reported in his talk that the words were seen on a bumper sticker.   Surely there must be a way to edit this lovely printable to give credit to “source unknown” via Pres. Uchtdorf or something like that.  At least it would be legit. :)  And copyright laws wouldh’t be broken if there are any.

  6. Donna says

    Hi, me again.  Found a solution for the “credit” problem, and I can’t take the credit for it either. hehe  I saw another printable on pinterest with the same quote, but it simply read at the bottom “~quoted by President Dieter Uchtdorf”  I love your printable the best.  Could you please edit yours to say something similar???  Thank you for your beautiful work!

  7. says

    Do you guys notice how this printable is being criticized and it’s from the conference talk that said  “If you criticize, judge or gossip — even if it’s true — let me give you a simple sermon: STOP IT!” 

    Do you see the irony in all of you “offering constructive criticism” and saying they should change the way it reads??  It makes me wonder if any of you actually listened to President Uchtdorf’s talk. You are doing the very thing that he told us to STOP DOING.

    Good grief, people. If you don’t like the printable, don’t download it.

  8. Al says

    I would prefer if it said, “Don’t judge me!  People are causally determined and sin is a myth.”  Then again, I believe different things than most latter-day saints.  I was wondering, what was the context for this quote?  I didn’t see conference and my friends have been posting it on facebook.  I’m hoping it was about homosexuality but I have a feeling it isn’t.  Then again I don’t think it is a sin, but at least LDS doctrine would be moving closer in my direction.  I’m not trolling, I just googled the quote and this is the first site that came up and I was curious about the context.  Thanks. 

  9. Shaylee Ann says

    He was talking about not judging, in general; not harboring grudges; not gossiping, etc. You can listen to it on :)

  10. Dillerbn says

    Here’s one of our favorite quotes from this entire spring General Conference. It says “Don’t judge me because I sin differently than you” by Dieter F. Uchtdorf, which, by the way, he quoted from a bumper sticker.Awesome, right?

  11. says

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  12. says

    May I offer a constructive item of criticism on this?  I love the sentiment that President Uchtdorf shared when he made this statement (though, as noted in another comment, it’s not original).  However, I think the focus was more on the “because I sin differently than you” than it was on the “don’t judge me” part.  The way this art piece reads is “DON’T JUDGE ME.”  The point of the statement was that we all sin in different ways, some more obvious than others.

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