• grateful in Texas

    This was perfect! You saved me! It is 11:00 p.m. and I am trying to make ahead the decorations for a special cake that needs to be finished early in the morning. It happened suddenly so I had no time to prepare much in advance. It is for a dear friend that passed away leaving 5 children and a husband. She is dearly loved and I wanted to help out by making one of the desserts for their family dinner. Tonight as I was tightening up the decorations and making the flowers I suddenly got the inspiration of a temple silhouette on the top of the cake for “families are forever”. Yours was the best and the only one that I could get immediately plus it was free. Thanks for helping !! You are indeed a saint. :) Yours truly, grateful in Texas

  • Lotzoflove

    I love the style. Not too fond of the background color, it won’t fit with my decor. Either more of a red color or black would be awesome.

  • http://mylifeintune.blogspot.com/ Lindsay

    I love this–beautiful!  Any chance we could get more of a color selection?  I would love to put one in my little girl’s room.

  • http://www.mormonmommyblogs.com/ Mormon Mommy Blogs

    Sure thing! We can have more colors available in the next week. ;)

  • Danielle

    I love this! Thank you for all the free printable :)

  • Kellie

    Love this. Many Thanks :)