My Tender Mercy

*Editors Note: We have received several emails since Elisa’s discussion with Sister Beck aired asking for a link to the post she referenced in that discussion. It was originally published as Well Hello There  but we decided to re-post it here to make it easier for you all to find.  

Recently I was stopped at a stoplight waiting for it to change. It was an eternal stoplight meant it seemed to make my life just a titch more miserable. My heart was heavy with what seemed to be the weight of the world.

As I sat there at the eternal stoplight I wondered what master mind was conspiring against me, and why it seemed that God had forgotten all about me.

Then I looked out my window.

Pressed right up next to my window was the biggest dragon fly I have ever seen. It was so large I could see it’s eyes blinking. It sat there buzzing next to the window looking right at me.

I looked at it, and it looked at me when I finally said “Well, Hello there friend.” He landed on my mirror, and while he watched me he scratched his nose.

That dragon fly? He saw me. He noticed me.

We chatted for a moment, that dragon fly and I. He flew up closer to the window when I bore my soul to it during those few short minutes we had together. When I was done he landed back on my mirror, watching me again. And you know what? I know he heard me.

When the light changed I wondered if my friend was going to ride along with me on my mirror, but when I looked down he was gone.

My new friend reminded me of Him. Perhaps it was a tender mercy from The Lord, reminding me that He see’s me. He hears my pleas and further He notices that I’m having a hard time.

Such a silly thing to have a dragon fly meet your needs. But on that day? He did.

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  1. Lisa Hamer says

    I love this post and your analogy.  It is a true gift to be able to recognized those tender mercies.  Thank you  for sharing.

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