What Will They Find?

Someone asked me recently why I blogged all of my “personal stuff” when I could just write it in a notebook or better yet in a word document.  I responded that pen and paper was the technology available for our parents and grandparents. Pen to paper was what they had available for them to capture their thoughts and ideas. Later, the word document technology came along to aide us in capturing those pesky thoughts.

However today? Our technology is “the cloud”. Blogging is not a new idea or phenomenon. Writing our thoughts down is as old as time. The medium is different. We use what we have available to us in order to record our thoughts, ideas and feelings. Stone tablets. Golden Plates. Papyrus. Paper. Typewriters. Computers and The Cloud.

Whether you like it or not, and no matter what type of blogger you choose to call yourself, your posterity will read these ramblings, or stories, or whatever other sophisticated word you choose to label yourself with. It matters not the label you give yourself, what matters is that your progenitors will be reading you because you have chosen to utilize the technology made available to you.

The question is this: What will they find?

Have you shared a portion of yourself on your blog that will resonate with your posterity? Will they read your words and know the person, the woman that you truly are? Have you told the stories that accompany those photos, craft projects, and recipes that you are sharing or will they simply see random samplings that do not tell the real scoop of who you really are?

Think about that for a moment while I tell you another story.  

I have a Great Aunt with whom I share a lot. She was a world traveler, so am I. She was a returned missionary and so am I. We actually served in the same mission, with some of our areas overlapping. She was a beautiful, vibrant woman who captured her life in photos. Only Photos. No words to go with the photos. I have nothing to read to tell me who this woman was, what she thought or what she found to be important.

I simply have beautiful photos of all her journeys around the globe.

I am rather confident that had we been able to meet, we would have been great friends. I crave to know more about this woman, but there is no one who can tell me anything about her and so I am left looking at the pretty pictures in her journal — yesterdays version of a blog — wondering what this woman was really all about.

What will your great nieces and nephews find out about you when they find your blog? Will it be of sustenance and be able to feed their souls with the knowledge they crave of who you were as a woman? Or will it be vacant and empty, like my Great Aunt VaLoys?  It’s an honest question that bears pondering.

Truthfully, the stories are what we fall in love with– not pretty pictures or amazing recipes or even awesomesauce DIY projects. Don’t get me wrong either. I’m not a hater. In fact, I love those kind of blogs, but its not the stuff that I crave or what helps me get through the trials I have had to face.

No, it’s the stories. Stories of my Grandparents and their siblings and how the lived; what they thought and how they survived.  Those stories are what help us power through the difficult trials that we encounter in life. The stories are what help us want to try a little harder to be a little better.

In the end your Grandma may have been the most amazing quilter in the entire county and could bake an apple pie that rivaled Mrs. Smiths, but is that what comforts you when you’re in the middle of the muck? No. It’s the stories you know about her; the way she lived her life and the things she felt were important. Those are the things you will crave to know about her, and those are things our children’s children will crave to know about us.

Will our posterity find it? Only you know the answer to that question.

We do not leave an essence of who we are unless we tell our stories; unless we journal. Blogging is a journal and we have the opportunity to leave a part of ourselves for future generations to find. We can leave with them our stories, our thoughts, our hearts. We just have to take the time to record them. Blogging is a way to enhance our lives, record our thoughts and inspire those that come along behind us.

I wish I knew more about my Great Aunt VaLoy. I want to know her thoughts about life in the 1940’s and why she chose to never marry but instead travel the world. But I never will. Not until we meet in the great waiting room in the sky.

Until then, all I can do is look at her pretty pictures and wonder. 

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