Where Can I Watch General Conference?

General Conference happens two times a year — the first weekend in April and the first weekend in October. We gather together as an entire church congregation to hear our beloved Prophet and Apostles speak to us and give us words of counsel. For most Mormons it’s a chance to receive personal revelation and rededicate themselves to the gospel of Jesus Christ.

In this age of amazing Technology, there really is no reason for you to not be able to listen to General Conference live. Unless, of course, you’re living on the Moon. Then I guess you have a good excuse.

Here are five ways that you can participate in General Conference

1. Listen on the Internet. The Church will be providing live video streaming at conference.lds.org in fifteen  languages. You can also just listen to the live audio of conference in an additional sixty-four languages from the Church’s website. There are several other websites avalaible that will be streaming conference, if the lds.org one starts getting a little choppy. They are: Mormonchannel.org and byutv.org Both sites will be providing the English video and audio streaming of conference. Spanish and Portuguese will be avaliable on byutvint.org

2. Roku – Of all the things we have found this past year, the Roku is our favorite! The Roku is a little box that you attach to your TV that you can then stream content over the Internet to be viewed on your TV. This is AWESOME for you people who live outside of Utah! We pretty much only use our Roku and have given up Satellite TV entirely. You will be able to find General Conference on BYUtv or Mormon Channel. The Roku costs about $60 and then after that, its FREE!

3. Facebook. Yes. We said Facebook! You can do pretty much everything in the world on Facebook, so why not include listening to a Prophet? To watch General Conference via Facebook,  go to Facebook.com/LDS and click the “Live Broadcast” box in the menu (it has a photo of the temple). This is perfect for those of you who may have to work, and Facebook isn’t “banned” from your work.

4. Mobile App –  Live General Conference App is a free App found in iTunes. It enables you to be able to watch Conference on your iPhone or iPad AND tweet with the built in twitter functionality using the hashtag #ldsconf . You watch General Conference live in App while your twitter stream (or any hashtag you choose) updates in real time. You can tweet directly from the app and share live tweets with others.

The Church does offer an App for General Conference, but it only streams audio, not video.

If you have ever participated in the #twitterstake and live tweeted General Conference, then you know how awesome this is!  Last General Conference the #ldsconf hashtag was trending world wide for several days AFTER conference was over. Live tweeting, or just watching the twitter stream for that hashtag was enlightening because you saw the messages that everyone was taking away from conference, and how individual those messages were.

Watching TV and going to events is a social experience and this awesome, brand spanking new App lets you engage with others watching General Conference without having to jump from a Twitter Screen to a Conference screen.

Talk about awesome!

5. Watch / Read General Conference After It’s Over. Sometimes life happens and you really aren’t able to watch General Conference live as it happens. Maybe work gets in the way, or you live on the other side of the world and have to drag your wee-ones to the church at 3:00 in the morning (Truthfully, that sounds horrid.). Typically within 24 hours after conference is over there will be video files to stream or download in 12 different languages on conference.lds.org .  Audio recordings of conference will have 70+ languages available to listen to, also posted within that same 24 hour time frame.  Typically 72 hours after the initial posting of the video and audio files on the Church site the talks will be posted in English to read.

There are so many ways for us to participate in General Conference that it no longer is an event just for those located in Utah. We can all participate from the comfort of our own homes, in our jammies and feast — literally and figuratively — on the Conference.

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