Who Wants FREE Exposure for Their Blog?

Everyone likes music and if they don’t then they’re not human. Everyone likes some form of music and we have a unique opportunity for all of our favorite Mormon Mommy Bloggers involving MUSIC and FREE exposure for your blog in big BIG way!

Win win. 

We are participating in a project for Your LDS Music Store and we want YOU to share your favorite LDS songs or albums in a blog post and then invite your readers to share theirs in the comments.

Your LDS Radio will then feature a new blogger each day on their blog, feature you on their radio station, Facebook page and the home page of Your LDS Music Store

In addition they will be do a giveaway on your blog – for LDS related music and products (including gift certificates from the store). You can run the giveaway any way you want — with Rafflecopter or just randomly choose a winner.

The ultimate goal is to give you exposure to their audience and to let your readers know about their awesome new online music store.

Want to participate? Just send us an email at info@mormonmommyblogs.com and put in the subject line your name and your blog URL. There  could potentially be hundreds that respond so we want to easily keep everyone straight. Once we get the responses in, we will assign each person their own day to post.

Who knows, with the simple post of “I love this song and here’s why” one of you just might become the next “it blog!”

PLEASE EMAIL US NO LATER THAN FRIDAY November 30 so we can plan out how many giveaways will be needed.


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