Come Thou Fount + A Giveaway

Editors Note: This post is best enjoyed listening to the song while reading the post.

I live my life as though it were a musical. If I could have people break-out in song and dance at the perfect time to punctuate a moment, and seal it in my memory?  I totally would. And, I’d be in hog heaven, too.

Songs all have meaning to me, and they help me remember. Remember when I was struggling, happy or just being plain silly — like dancing through Balboa Park in San Diego with my sister while this song played.

I have a playlist for my life, and each important event is defined by a song.

I remember many years ago when I was living in Illinois, driving down a long country road to my friends home I was listening to a Conference CD and was thinking about my testimony. The song that came on after this particularly moving talk was this hymn — Come Thou Fount. I remember that I had to pull over onto the side of the road– there on the upper part of Annie Glidden– and just listen. The spirit was so strong and I didn’t even realize that I was crying until the tears hit my hands on the steering wheel.

It was a profound moment for me… these words in the hymn were the perfect words that I had been searching for to explain my testimony. But even more profound was the fact that I was alone, on a long, dark road and the Spirit of my Father in Heaven communed with me. Just me, and me alone. I felt it, recognized it and I remember it today as if it were yesterday.

Prone to wander, Lord, I feel it,
Prone to leave the God I love;
Here’s my heart, O take and seal it,
Seal it for Thy courts above.

This is what I wish, with all my heart– that my heart could be sealed for the courts above. I AM prone to wander, and prone to leave the God I love. Because sometimes I am a big, fat dummy. I wish, much like the person who penned this hymn, that I could have my heart sealed! Wouldn’t that be so much easier?

I remember being in the MTC, just prior to leaving for my assigned location, and feeling a little discouraged. All the missionaries in my district had these amazing “conversion stories” and well, I didn’t. I was feeling discouraged and worried that my simple testimony wasn’t good enough– or that it wouldn’t make a difference out there in the big, bad, hairy world.

I knelt to pray and asked what I was going to do, because I had nothing major to offer. I was just a simple person, with a simple testimony with nothing amazing to share. What good would I be?

That is when the Lord blessed me the greatest gift I have ever had. I heard a simple voice tell me that this simpleness was all I needed– that was my testimony. And further, why was I even questioning it? I had been blessed with the gift to always know it was true.

And you know what?

That is the truth.

I am prone to wander, but even when I have wandered, I have always known. In all my years, I can say that I have always know there is a God, that Christ was MY Savior and that the restored gospel of Jesus Christ is real. I do know this. I have always known that I can get comfort, and peace by reading the scriptures and praying. I have always known that there is life after death, and I have always known that if I wanted to know what God was thinking– I just needed to listen to his living prophet.

I AM a simple person. I live a simple life and I do not require elaborate things. I live my life– day to day- simply. However, I do know that God is real, and he is all powerful. I do know that through Jesus Christ we are all saved, and there is no problem that cannot be fixed with the power of the Atonement.

Fancy is not my name… It’s just simple. But in some small way I feel that is the basic message of the restored gospel of Jesus Christ. “The simpleness of the way and the easiness” of it is the message of the Gospel. It is not supposed to be elaborate– but just simple.

And so I will be content with my simple life and my simple testimony. Because you know what? I DO know.

And that is all that matters.

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  1. Annie~Savor This Moment says

    I like MMB on facebook and pinterest. My facebook profile is: Annie Fredrick Bidia, and my pinterest is

  2. Annie~Savor This Moment says

    I can think of so many songs that at different times in my life played a part in the soundtrack. On of the songs that “defines” me where I am right now is probably “Grown Up Now” by Lori McKenna. My oldest is a Senior in High School now, and I’m having a hard time coming to terms with him becoming a grown up.

  3. Debbie Franklin says

    I liked LDS Radio and MMB…your post made me feel special! I felt like I was reading about how I often feel! Not sure I have just one song that defines me…but I do think You’re Not Alone, Close Enough to Touch and Just Let Me Cry are three of them that really come close!

  4. Carolyne Bamforth says

    I liked you on Facebook and Pinterest. I’ll be adding you to my Google account as well. My email address is
    Thanks for sharing as a councilor in Primary I am always on the lookout on how to inspire the children. My favorite song, esp this time of year is I Wonder When He Comes Again. The Primary sang it this past Sunday, it reminds me of the Savior and His love for us.

  5. Rachelle Smith says

    I love the song “Scatter Sunshine”, also love “As Sisters in Zion”. Those are both my favorites, so much love & happiness!

  6. Susan says

    I don’t have a Facebook account. I guess I need to get one. My grandchildren are always telling me I need to get on the facebook. I will have them help me set it up and tell them to like you for me.

  7. Susan says

    In our family we have a family scripture, theme, color and song. Our song is a really silly song that I sang to my children when they were younger, but it really defines our family. We sing it whenever we are all together now for the holidays “Bushel and a Peck” It is so fun for me to see my Grandchildren singing this song with the same actions I did with my children.

  8. Eden says

    My life song would be the song from the new Muppets Movie “Life’s a Happy Song” I love that song and it’s soo true! “Life is a happy song when you have someone by your side to sing along!” I sing this song with my kids all the time!

  9. michelle says

    All morning I’ve been thinking about the song I wanted sung at my wedding reception, but couldn’t find. It was in the Runaway Bride soundtrack and called “Never Saw Blue Like That.”

  10. osgood says

    So, not to be picky after such a great message, but did you really mean December 7th? Since this posted on the 10th.

    I have a soundtrack in my head, too, but I’m not sure which song fits me right now. I’ll be back when I find one!

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