Great Christmas Traditions

Recently,I found myself engaged in a conversation all about family Christmas traditions.  My friend asked the group what traditions they have which bring the true meaning of Christmas to life. 

I told her that each year on Christmas Eve our family has a tradition to give Jesus presents.  We all decide what we can do, or correct in our lives.  Thinking like this gives us the chance to deliberately choose to accept the atonement and the “living waters” of Jesus Christ. 

After I shared this Peck family tradition, another friend commented.  She said that her family has the same tradition, but instead of just talking about their gift or writing it down, they put the papers in a stocking.  Apparently, they have a large white stocking which they use to hold the letters to Jesus. 

This friend told me that every year she takes a quiet minute to look through the old papers and remembers how her family has changed and grown.  I thought this was a beautiful image, and a great idea!  I am going to get a stocking, or a wrapped box that is always out at Christmas time reminding us that the only thing we can give to Christ is a broken heart and a contrite spirit. 

Elder Oaks has said that the only thing we can give Christ is our will to do good.  I completely agree with this and love this family tradition to teach this lesson to my children.

What are some of your favorite Christmas Traditions? 
Tell us in the comments below!

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  1. Eliza O says

    This year we got to help out with a live nativity that took place Thanksgiving weekend. It was a long cold afternoon/evening with the rehearsal and then the performance but we all had such a great time and I think it was a great way to start the season. We are hoping that it can become a family tradition to do it every year!

  2. Corine Moore says

    Our family has the same tradition (gift to Christ of setting a goal to repent or improve in some way) – and I LOVE it! The “how” has been less traditional for us. The first couple years we did this, we actually wrapped our gifts in small boxes, then opened them the following year to see if we remembered and followed through. But it made more sense to store our gift in a way that we could see, remember, and be sure to follow through; so we switched to writing our gift on a 3X5 card with a small bow and a couple Christmas symbols stamped on it. I thought of scrap booking them, but wanted everyone to be free to set personal goals if they want to, so these are kept individually and privately. Other favorite Christmas traditions of mine include caroling and visiting in nursing homes. We try to keep it Christ centered by doing services Christ would have us do. We also like to have fun traditions that build family ties and memories, like driving together to look at Christmas lights then coming home and sipping hot chocolate while reading a good Christmas story. We also enjoy walking the docks together and seeing the lights on the lake. When the kids were young we took a night cruise to see the “North Pole” (lighted up Santa’s workshop on a lake). The important thing to me is to focus on loving and serving as Christ does
    and strengthening family bonds of love. :)

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