Natural Cough Syrup- Honey, Onion, and Rosemary

I’ve been making onion syrup for my kids for years- just onion slices layered in a glass jar with sugar till all the juices macerate out. It’s amazing for breaking up phlegm in the chest and helping kids cough it out.

(Yeah, it tastes odd…but it’s sweet enough that most kids will swallow it down right quick!)

I’m trying a more common (and older) approach today and warming the onions on the stove in honey. I know raw honey should be better, but I don’t buy unpasteurized foods. I’ve included rosemary sprigs in the pot- rosemary is listed as being an antibacterial and a decongestant, besides being delicious. (Among many, many other properties.)  You could also throw in coins of ginger or garlic cloves- all are great decongestants.
This will be great to have on hand for the cold and flu season- the toddler and preschooler have coughs that won’t break up, and onion boosts the immune system so hopefully this will help keep the rest of us healthy! I’ll either mix a spoonful into warm water or just let them lick it off a spoon.

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Myrnie is a do-it-yourself kind of mom.  Which basically means she’d rather not drive to the store, thankyouverymuch.

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  1. TheAtomicMom says

    Thank you! Neither my husband or I can take commercially made cough medicines. They stop his heart and make my blood pressure skyrocket. This will be a good resource for us.

  2. Myrnie says

    Measurements really don’t matter- just an old folk remedy! Use enough honey to almost cover the slices- they put off a lot of liquid in this process. Your end result will be nearly as thin as water. If you have an infant, substitute white sugar for the honey. Gently cook it, or just let onion slices macerate in the sugar till it’s all liquid. Today’s batch in my kitchen has lemon and ginger slices, and tastes AMAZING. (Lemon oil is an antibacterial, so this is a great use for those end slices of peel.)

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