Enrichment Activities: Prayer

So you just had a wonderful Family Home Evening or lesson, and you want to do some sort of activity to coordinate with the theme…. To go along with our new and improved site, we are going to dedicate Thursdays to enrichment. We’ll be posting recipes, activities, games, or crafts each week to go along with the  weekly theme.

Pretzels look like folded arms, so these soft pretzel recipes would be a perfect family home evening activity.

          1) Classic Soft Pretzel Recipe
          2) Cinnamon Pretzel Bites
          3) Bacon & Cheddar Soft Baked Pretzels
          4) Caramel Apple Soft Pretzel Recipe

Not into baking? Go on a walk, and find the perfect stone to turn into a prayer rock:

          1) Fabric Mod Podge Love & Prayer Rock
          2) Paint & Vinyl Prayer Rock
          3) Painted Prayer Rocks
          4) Doodle Prayer Rocks

And here’s the a prayer rock poem for you to download and print!

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