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This month’s Visiting Teaching Message is titled: Converted unto the Lord
“It takes attentive friends to make new members feel comfortable and welcomed at church.”
“Capture the vision that the Relief Society… can become [one of] the most powerful friendshipping resouces[s] we have in the Church. Reach out early to those being taught and reactivated, and love them into the Church through your organization.” 
This months message really hit home with me. I just moved into a branch, and I don’t live close to many people. Outside of my family, sometimes the only interaction I have with people comes from attending Church on Sunday. It is SO important to reach out to women in your ward. If you see a new face, introduce yourself. If someone is sitting on their own, take the chair next to them. I know it can be scary to say hello to new people, but it will enrich your life so much if you put forth the effort.  ~ Caroline

There are two options for download, a digital PDF, or as an image. The PDF is an 8.5×11 digital file that can be printed at home very easily. The image file is for those of you who like to print things at Costco and whatnot. 


  • Stacy Stoddard

    I love this one. I recently moved to a new ward, that is extremely transient, we have about 5 new move in’s – outs a month so it make getting to know people difficult. But I to have had to really break from my shell and start to say HI to people because I wanted friends for myself as well as my kids.

  • momza

    You always make these handouts so cute. I use them all the time, Caroline. Thanks!

  • Jennifer Farris

    Thank you!