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Oh readers, I have missed writing to you oh so very much.

Life has been a little hectic in my neck of the woods, and Elisa has also been very busy, and we feel like we have practically abandoned you.

NEVER FEAR: we’re in the middle of some great changes around here, and I know you will LOVE what’s coming…. (Does that sound like a proper teaser?)

At any rate, we will be debuting these fun new features NEXT WEEK, and in the meantime, I would very much like you guys to tell us, in the comments of this very blog post, what you want from MMB.

Do you want more blogging? Do you want more printables? Are you looking for Family Home Evening help? Or are you looking for something different? Let us know. Seriously. TALK TO US.

We’ll be choosing three winners to receive a $25 giftcard to Target. But you have to comment to win. Because that’s how this is going to work.

Winner will be announced February 11th…. please make sure you leave your email address in the comments. Thanks!


  1. says

    I would love more FHE ideas, but along with that, I’d love more real posts and experiences. The tone here is mostly lighthearted and fun, which is fine, but sometimes I’d love more real-life experiences and spiritual meat, if that makes sense. ( stacysmi at msn dot com)

  2. says

    I would love more “personal experience” posts as well. I also have enjoyed the Friday link posts and the posts where you give links to the cute things you find on pinterest/blogs/etc. (

  3. Trina Hustead says

    I love all the variety that is on this blog! I would like to see more FHE helps, that would be beneficial to my little family. You guys are great and I love visiting this blog everyday!

  4. J. says

    Love the post of the week, less so on the printables, which everyone else seems to love. I enjoy the guest posts, espcially the informative ones. It’s nice to have the humorous ones but I also enjoy the ones that have a message or information that’s worthwhile. I would too like to get to know some of the other mom’s in the network through highlighting maybe a blogger every so often. I also enjoy the links to the stuff your doing with your broadcasts.

  5. Lindsay says

    What I’d really like to see from MMB is some dynamic consistency. I understand you ladies are busy and that life happens, but if MMB is a business or a forum or a community or whatever it’s trying to be, there needs to be consistency. Sometimes there’ll be 10 posts on here in a week, and then there’s nothing for a month. I think a mixed bag is a good idea to appeal to a wide range of people: printables, Sundays, Word to Your Mother, Post of the week, How I made it through, regular contributors, guest bloggers, etc. I think it would be nice to throw in a few tutorials or posts about specific topics (you had a fashion blogger at one point; maybe a photography blogger? Writer blogger? Gardening blogger? Cooking blogger?). You could hold essay contests. Get some fresh blood in here–have a call for submissions. You could have monthly themes. Giveaways. Photography contests or features. I don’t think you should do ALL of these things, but pick a few. Stick with something. Appoint someone to run this show when life gets crazy. And maybe this is just me, but I think it would really help your credibility if you had an editor–someone to catch those pesky typos that are, quite frankly, rampant here. Love the concept of MMB and excited to see what you’re rolling out next week!

  6. Christi Dalton says

    I love reading anecdotes that lead to gospel principles, and especially ones with mom’s with lots of little ones, remind’s me I’m not alone :)

  7. Andrea says

    I like the quotes, posts, etc., but I’d also like more ways to meet other Mormon mommy bloggers. I loved when there was a feed in the blog listings that showed the most recently updated blogs…without that, it’s hard to find other people who are actively blogging, since a lot of the links in the listings are outdated.

  8. Stacy says

    I love the printable,s, all of them, and FHE Lesson help. The printable’s help me a ton with the inactive sister’s I visit in my ward, they are pretty and simple and my sister’s seem to love them.

  9. Jonna Pantelis says

    I like a little of all 3. I love the printables but I also like to read some heartfelt blogs and I love a good FHE idea! So I’m thinking a little of all works for me (if it works for ya’ll of course!)

  10. Melissa McCurdy says

    I’m not a blog/essay reader — so those posts are lost to me. I love your printables — I would love more inspirational quotes, lesson helps (FHE, RS, Primary) — quick and easy things to help me through out the day — or that I can easily post to FB or other social media. fun, quick, delicious recipies too! melmccurdyATsbcglobalDOTnet

  11. Amanda Bassett says

    I would love good ideas for FHE… I know its a mommy blog and I don’t have kids yet, but its hard to get my husband to do FHE with just me… so maybe ideas for FHE activities for older kids (with the video games he plays, sometime he is like a kid!)
    I love the printables (the confrence ones and the monthly VT message.) its a nice little reminder to take with us and leave so they have something to think about…
    and uplifting material. Sometimes we just need a nice reminder of something positive… or ideas to make things easier.

  12. says

    I think I love the posts that help to connect us as a community – the ones where we get to know each other and celebrate learning from each others wisdom. There are so many wonderful LDS Bloggers out there! I do also like the discussion posts where we can all work together to tackle a topic and gain perspectives from each other.

  13. nancy harris says

    Mostly I just love simple uplifting or relatable posts. I like the chance for people to link posts add I have discovered some blogging friends that way. Also would love to see other mmb moms featured (guest posts from them, their blog highlighted, etc.). Would love opportunities to share as well. Maybe I am trying to make this too much into a forum, but I like the connections with others most of all.

  14. Dezi A says

    I would love FHE helps and ideas. Sometimes I feel like we’re in a rut when it comes to our FHE. I also don’t normally watch the lds videos, although occasionally I’ll click on them. And I’m always a fan of printables!

  15. Kris says

    I don’t like the videos. I can see those anywhere. It’s just one thing for me to skip over. I do like actual posts but I wish there were more contributors, or more guest posters or something. I would like to see more VT printables too. krisis86 at gmail dot com.

  16. Heather J says

    I really appreciate the videos that you post. They are a nice break. I also generally prefer shorter blog posts. Thanks for maintaining MMB, I really enjoy it!

  17. Heather says

    I also like the idea of spot lights. It’s about connecting women, right? Finding friendships? I always like reading short posts about things relatable to me. I also like “How I overcame this challenge” types of posts. I liked seeing women draw strength from one another that way. You know?

  18. Susan S. says

    Ok, yes, I LOVE printables but not spending money on ink cartridges, so maybe more black & white? I really appreciate the practical posts – frugal living, parenting skills, ideas for “wholesome recreational activities”. I love ideas that beautify and simplify our homes and lives. I do love the spiritual “food” of uplifting quotes and articles as well.

  19. Korine Miller says

    All of the above! I am a ‘printables’ junkie – so yes – I would love that! And I just in general love things that inspire me and make me want to be and do better. Thanks for all you do!

  20. Catalyn says

    I would love to see more printables! Like most of the other comments I too love the Visiting Teaching printables and any others I can get my hands on. With our first baby on the way I’m always looking for things I can have around the house that help invite the spirit and will make great teaching moments later.

  21. momlove says

    Love printables for vt especially when they’re black and white printer friendly! Uplifting messages, scripture references with insight or application to everyday life. spotlights of LDS women with several pics of their lives.

  22. Michelle says

    I also love the Visiting Teaching printables. Keep those coming! I think I’d love a way to have more interaction with bloggers who are actively interested in sharing here. And some sort of reminder/easier process to contribute my own writings. Honestly, when I’m posting out on other forums, I often don’t even think about coming back here. I’d love to have more interaction.

  23. lhamer says

    I totally thought I left a comment but then it’s not here…So here it goes again…

    I would agree with Aimee and what she would like to see. But, I’d also like to see some MMB’s spotlighted. There are so many to sort through here and many aren’t posting anymore. It would be nice to see some of the good ones brought to light. Ones we might not have discovered otherwise.

    I’d also like to see more theology. I follow another LDS blog where it is so theologically deep I just get lost. I’d love to see light, uplifting lessons for the “rest of us” if you catch my drift. My two cents anyway. :)

  24. lhamer says

    I would concur with Aimee, but I would also like to see some of the MMB’s spotlighted. Like maybe one a week or one per day? There are so many of them to sort through here on MMB and many that are no longer posting. It would be fun to see them brought to light.

    I would also enjoy some light hearted theology on here. I follow another LDS blog with contributors, sometimes they are so deep I just get lost. I’d like some theology for the rest of us if you catch my drift. Just my two cents. :)

  25. Aimee Jongejan says

    I used to read MMB all the time until I saw a common theme – snarkey moms who were seeking approval and praise. Ewww. So I stopped reading the blogs until recently. I have to say that although there are a few out there who I briefly glimpse at then make a mental note not to read, I’m pleased with your current contributors. Its nice to have a place I can turn to to feel uplifted and encouraged. Inspired and understood and feel a sense of gratitude. I’d like to see more printables, FHE lessons, Young Women’s and Relief Society ideas, Visiting Teaching handouts, etc.

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